June 5, 2023

Beauty Sponge – Size, Material, Brand, And Price 

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Beauty Sponge - Size, Material, Brand, And Price 

Gomer beauty sponges are a great way to apply your makeup. They can be used to cover imperfections and provide a smooth base for foundation and concealer. There are many benefits to using makeup sponges, including applying a liquid foundation with less waste. However, you must be aware that its quality does not necessarily reflect the price of a beauty sponge. You will get detailed information about beauty sponges, including size, material, and price. 


Choosing the size of your beauty sponge will impact your makeup application speed and the areas where you need to apply it. Larger beauty sponges are better for covering a larger area like the face, while smaller ones are better for applying makeup to tight areas around the eyes. The good news is that most sponges are available in several sizes and come in different shapes. We’ve rounded up the best ones based on their sizes and shapes.


One of the most important aspects of makeup sponges is the material that they are made from. Choosing a sponge made from a material not made of latex is important. The material used in these sponges should also be water-resistant. This will help prevent the sponge from absorbing too much product and causing waste.

Another common type of beauty sponge is made from polyurethane foam. This material is a form of polyol and is produced from crude oil. Another type of sponge is made from ether-based polyurethane foam, which is more flexible and durable. Both sponges are great for various tasks, including applying makeup and cleaning screens.


The price of beauty sponges varies from brand to brand. Beauty sponges are useful tools for applying liquid foundation or powder makeup. They are also a great way to avoid wasting products. Some beauty sponges can be extremely expensive, but makeup artists recommend cheaper alternatives. The normal cost of the sponge is AED 6. 

Makeup sponges are a key ingredient for flawless foundation application. They are similar to powder compact applicators and feature a soft foam texture that is ideal for taping out, setting powder, or foundation. If you are looking to buy beauty sponge, these are important things you should know.