June 1, 2023

Paddle Tennis Rules And Regulations

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Paddle Tennis Rules And Regulations

Padel tennis is a sport that requires a specific type of court attire. Unlike other tennis games, it is not played in a cage, and the court must be a minimum of 31 inches above the ground and at least 18 inches away from the sidelines. Paddle tennis players wear shoes with non-marking rubber soles. When the game begins, the player who wins the toss has the right to choose the side of the court and serve. However, when you start to play this game, be sure you are aware of the rules and regulations of this game.

APTA standards for paddle tennis:

The APTA sets paddle tennis rules and regulations. These rules require the use of paddles that meet certain standards. Players must be respectful and show proper sportsmanship when playing the game. They are prohibited from making unsportsmanlike gestures or throwing their paddles at opponents. Unsportsmanlike conduct also includes abusive language, name-calling, or retaliation. These rules are enforced to prevent the development of aggressive behavior and ensure the fair play of the sport.

The scoring system in paddle tennis:

The scoring system in paddle tennis is similar to that of traditional tennis. A player scores one point per point won, while their opponent scores one point per point won. In addition, a player must have a lead of at least two games over the other player to win a set. The game is usually played in best-of-five sets.

Service faults:

Paddle tennis has several rules that regulate service faults. A service fault typically occurs when a server crosses the service line, hits the ball into the net, or hits the ball outside the diagonal service box. If the ball is hit inside these lines, it counts as an inbounds serve.

A server is only allowed two attempts to make a serve. A missed first serve is considered a service fault, and a second miss will cause a double fault. Players can also commit foot faults, though they are relatively rare. A player may leap over the baseline to hit a ball, but this is not considered a service fault.

Court size:

To play paddle tennis on a court, you must have at least one square meter of space. The size of the court is determined by two factors, namely, its length and width. The length of the playing field must be at least 10 meters, while the width must be at least 6 meters.