June 7, 2023

Tips On Spotting A Quality Suit From A Tailor

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Tips On Spotting A Quality Suit From A Tailor

One of the most important aspects of a  knightsandlords.ae is quality. You should spend a little more if you want a high-quality suit. Some things you should check when looking at a suit include the end of the fabric on both sides, single vent, and lining.

Invest a little more in a quality suit:

There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on a poor-quality suit. While buying an expensive suit from a designer brand is tempting, this is not always the best investment. Often, the cheaper suits use polyester or blends, which are not durable and offer poor fit. Investing in a high-quality, well-fitting suit will ensure a more professional appearance and boost your confidence.

When choosing a tailor, look for one with a long history in the business. This way, they will know how to construct a suit properly. Also, make sure the suit has hand-sewn buttonholes. 

Check for fabric ends on both sides:

When you buy a quality suit, one of the first things you should consider is fabric quality. This is crucial because your suit reflects your style and sophistication. You should ensure that you get one made with great attention to detail. Quality fabrics have a better feel and will retain their shape over time.

Look for a single vent:

A single vent is the most common type of vent in a jacket. This style of vent is also known as a center vent. This style of vent is often associated with casual blazers and suits. Single vent suits are often cheaper to make and offer a flattering look for some people.

A quality suit usually features a single vent on the back, while a double vent is not uncommon. The reason is largely practical: a double vent allows you to sit comfortably, while a single vent won’t prevent you from exposing your rear end while sitting. Also, a single vent isn’t very practical, as it can end up rubbing on the back of a chair. 

Check for a lining:

Before buying a suit, make sure to ask your tailor whether the suit is lined. Suits are typically lined with natural fiber, such as cotton or silk. However, some suits are made with artificial fibers. If you spot such a label, you should be wary. While some artificial fibers can add a shine to a suit, they also tend to wear out faster.

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