December 9, 2022

Which Cat Litter Should I Buy?

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Which Cat Litter Should I Buy?

Many different types of cat litter are available on the market, so choosing the best one for your cat can take time and effort. The best type depends on your cat’s personality and household needs. Generally speaking, there are four basic types of cat litter in UAE. The most common is clay cat litter, which is inexpensive and widely available. However, it has its detractors, including concerns about strip mining.

Natural cat litter

Many natural cat litters are made of renewable and biodegradable materials, including wheat, corn, and pine. Some are scented to attract cats, making them a good option for environmentally conscious cat owners. Others are made from recycled paper products. Some can be composted or even incinerated, and others can be used as mulch.

Clumping clay

Many cat litter brands use clay, a mineral that can swell up to fifteen times its original volume. Some brands also add guar gum to boost clumping power. This helps to keep particles together, making the clumps tougher. Others use xanthan gum as an alternative clumping agent. You can use whichever one you prefer for your pet.

Clay litter is more expensive than non-clumping varieties, but it is easy to clean and does not track throughout the house. It’s also more affordable, though you’ll still need to change the litter regularly, at least once a month.

Wood dust

Wood dust is often used in cat litter, but it can also be toxic for your cat. Fortunately, several wood shavings are safe for cats. One type is made from heat-treated Aspen wood, which is great for cats because it’s non-toxic. However, cedar or pine wood is not recommended as it is toxic to cats and may cause respiratory problems.

Using wood pellet litter is an environmentally-friendly option made from recycled wood that has been cut down after the timber industry. These pellets are made from compressed wood fibers that expand when wet. The wood pellets absorb water and turn into fine sawdust that’s easy to scoop and sift.

Wood-based litter

Wood-based cat litter is typically made from pine or softwood. It contains phenol, but most of it is destroyed during kiln-drying, making it safe for cats. Many types of wood can be used as cat litter, including oak, ash, elm, and juniper. Some brands use a mixture of wood, including paper pellets. Ask a veterinarian if you’re unsure what is best for your cat.