December 5, 2023

Top 5 To Naturally Clean Teeth

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Top 5 To Naturally Clean Teeth

Besides drinking plenty of water, there are several natural ways for teeth cleaning in Abu Dhabi. Some of them include fruits and vegetables, hydrogen peroxide, and sugar-free gum. These methods are known to be effective in removing plaque. In addition, they are effective in reducing inflammation of the gums and teeth.

Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial to your teeth because they are high in fiber and water, as well as antioxidants, which help protect the gums. They also contain good amounts of minerals and vitamins. Consuming fruits and vegetables will also help rinse away plaque. In particular, you should eat leafy green vegetables, as they are a good source of folic acid, which helps prevent cavities. They also contain calcium, which helps build tooth enamel.

Brush and floss regularly:

The best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy is to brush and floss regularly. However, there are many other ways to keep teeth healthy and white. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help you whiten your teeth naturally. You can also massage your gums with crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery.

Baking soda:

One of the top ingredients to naturally clean teeth is baking soda. This ingredient removes foreign particles from the teeth, and it also helps to make the mouth more alkaline. It is also a mild abrasive, which makes it an effective whitening ingredient. It can also help to heal mouth ulcers. When used regularly, baking soda can be a great substitute for toothpaste.

Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient found in many home cleaning products. It is a powerful oxidizer and is also used as a bleaching agent. It is safe for your teeth but should be used with caution. Use it sparingly and dilute it to a suitable concentration.

Sugar-free gum:

Sugar-free gum can be an effective way to clean your teeth. Sugar-free gum contains natural sweeteners, as well as chemical sweeteners like aspartame. The ingredients vary slightly between brands. Still, these products should not be used as a replacement for regular dental care. Aspartame contains phenylalanine, which can cause severe side effects in people with phenylketonuria. Other ingredients, such as sorbitol, may have digestive problems or lead to dramatic weight loss.